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311 Moffett Boulevard Suite A, Mountain View, CA 94043
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Shana Thai

311 Moffett Boulevard Suite A, Mountain View, CA 94043

Let the sweet and floral smells of Shana Thai of Mountain View cuisine lure you in and tempt you to try our authentic Thai menu, served to you with ultimate care. Here we cook to make every serving as memorable as possible. You could not find a more home-cooked style Thai meal if you tried – and at Shana, we want you to do little more than enjoy your meal.

Before we even opened our doors at the current Moffett Blvd. address in beautiful Mountain View for business, these philosophies took precedence – we realized that if our cuisine wasn’t something we were going to serve to our own families, we would not be serving it to business clientele. Nothing has changed since we embodied this belief back in 2006.

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Today’s Shana Thai Restaurant menu spins a unique twist on traditional Thai cuisine, encompassing special dishes like our Okra Basil and Tofu, featuring lightly battered silken tofu topped with okra, king mushroom, water chestnut, corns, bell peppers, onions and sweet basil with roasted chili sauce. Or, our Wild Ginger and Peppercorn Catfish, featuring quickly stir-fried crispy catfish fillets with aromatic wild ginger and peppercorn in addition to red chili paste, bell peppers, mushrooms, eggplants, sweet basil and kaffir lime leaves. Experiment with something truly exotic with ourSeabass in Banana Leaf, featuring seared seabass steak, a stack of cabbage, Napa cabbage and sweet basil in a thick red curry sauce.

Nothing accompanies a great Thai meal – or any meal for that matter – like a perfectly matched cocktail. At Shana, you can choose from a vast collection of wines as well as a plethora of excitingly mixed drinks like a Guava Cosmo, Apple Martini, Bangkok Sunrise, Shana Lemonade and more.

Shana Thai Restaurant promises you more than a dining experience…we promise you an escapade into a wondrous world of exotic cuisine, impeccable hospitality and a place where you will truly enjoy your meal. Join us today!

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